Wow has it really been that long !

Lego tree surgery

“We found 13 voles in one section of trunk and managed to save everyone and move them to a new section of tree.”


I can’t believe that it has been this long since I last blogged !

I feel like I have let you down in not giving you guys any information on Landmark. I promise to make amends and get back on it.  Here is a quick summary :

September 2014-December 2014   An amazing time as we returned to some really busy busy works reminiscent of some three or four years ago.  Confidence in the market seemed high and there was a whole raft of works out there to complete.  We kept pace with the tree works well and rose to outputting four teams a day for three months in an unprecedented effort to keep us on track. We undertook some enormous planting contracts swell as large highways works and ensuring our private householder market was kept happy with up to the minute garden advice and autumnal tree works. Heavy emphasis was on people looking to make trees safe ahead of winter with the thoughts of the storms of 2013.

We sadly had Toby Radford leave in October of 2014. Toby had been with landmark for 8 years and was an integral part of the company and an element of it s growth. He went to start a new life with his wife in Devon and stay in the tree game but was given a unique opportunity to return to his roots and those of Sarah’s his wife. Greatly missed but only good thoughts of his time with Landmark

Ben Wilson also left Landmark in late October to go and join the marines and whilst he is on a bit of  rest period nursing an injury in the regiment he is still fighting fit and looking for an opportunity to get back on target and complete the course. He knows that if the army miss the opportunity to work with him Landmark will welcome him with open arms.

New guys take the form of Henry Parker and Tom Williams who are just as keen as motivated as their predecessors. Both good arborists Tom is a climber of the highest calibre and Henry is a training climber with enthusiasm  and fitness to put the best in the shade.  Stefan Bampini took over from Toby as Yard Manager and has taken the role on with gusto. Efficient and ruthless are two good words to explain Stefan (Bamps as he is known) as he brings shape to every day at Landmark. A very experienced climber to boot he offers a wealth of experience and guidance to landmark.

Colin came to Landmark in the Autumn and he brings not only skill and enthusiasm but 6ft 3 of pure power. Not a lot of guys give him a ribbing in case he breaks out of that soft mood and pummels us.

The rest of the motley crew still strive every day to bring quality and skill to Landmark and try to stay out of trouble. Luke Ivil is as ever the 2ic to me and is almost a necessity to Landmark now (don’t tell him i said this !)  Tomo is as ever delivering, George never lets himself down or us, Brian is just as chirpy and runs the log yard and chip areas of the business, Paul delivers in all areas of the business and Rob is just as rob always does, Steady Eddie all the way.

A few photos of quirky work !

We found 13 voles in one section of trunk and managed to save everyone and move them to a new section of tree. Even the one who was on Luke’s shoulder was fine  (after a wash !)

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