What Happened To Spring and This Year !

Well its been a month or two since I last blogged and so much happened I am playing constant catch up !

There are days when I feel just like this tree !

poplar river


Winter storms brought work and increase client awareness and the spring weather showed so much vegetative growth it has been hard to keep pace.  But in true Landmark style we have kept our promise of service and commitment to our clients at the forefront of our minds as we plough into the works.  I can honestly say I don’t think i have personally worked as hard as this for many years as an abundance of work was evident and clearly we have become essential to so many private householders and commercial clients. It is a great position to be in i just hope we performed and met expectations.  I know the guys have put in 110% over the last 6 months.

As a company we have grown with 13 guys now undertaking all forms of tree works and increased machinery in the form of tracked chippers and new stump grinders.

Logging and wood management took a back seat for a month or two as we drew on our log yard staff to aid with tree operations but Brian and the crew are back in the log yard now furiously making sense of the enormous log pile and the existing stock of dry wood for the coming winter.

We have recently taken on works for London underground working at their Morden and Golders Green Depot ensuring track clearance which has been a new and challenging area of works.   We continue with our management of large estates such as Legoland Windsor, Nestle and the Portman Burtley Estates portfolio with some interesting research and work types “post storm” by way of eco habitats and planting plans.

We passed our 15000’th private customer invoice last month and when I think back to how much we used to pay in stamps for communications its clear the internet/e:mail age has brought us many advantages !

We continue to monitor the Ash die back and Oak Processionary Moth scenario and take precautions where we can and implement bio controls to reduce our potential spread of such problems given that the diseases have been located in the Heathrow area !

Ok,  well I will blog again next week and make a special effort to take some photos of the works this week. We have two 3am starts at Legoland this week which are always fun and sure to produce some memorable moments and photos.

Bye for now !