Things that make you go Hmmmmmm !

A few things have cropped up in the last month or so that have made me think about the diversity of Landmark and the odd but fun things we get involved in !

Here they are : see if you can spot the odd one out !

Last year we supplied approx two tons of log wood in various shapes, sizes and colours for a film production for Disney.  It was not until recently I found out it was used for the scenes on “Malificent” with Angelina Jolie.

We have just been asked to provide 150 small pieces of timber for a scene in the new Beauty and the Beast film be shot at the moment.  Anyone know where 150 pieces of rhododendron are ?

We hired out a chipper and truck for the shooting of a scene in Midsummer Murders last week which was being filmed in gerrards cross.

I have just been asked to star in the remake of “fifty shades of grey” as the romantic interest for Mila Kunis !  I was busy but I made time !!!!!!!

Can anyone tell me what this is ?  answers on an e:mail and the first person to tell me correctly what has occurred here will get a £25 marks and spencers voucher.