The Tree Team and Firewood Galore !

Hello Again and as you can see I am getting back to blogging for all of our customers in a far more consistent way. 

Tree surgery and Tree care is still as busy as ever and we are seeing a sense of enjoyment over our tree projects at the moment as we are working consistently on previous customers trees and estates. This gives us an immense sense of reward as pruning trees we have planted some 6-7 years ago and tending to trees we pruned 10 years ago is a treat.

An idea of what I have to contend with in the morning !

photo 2

From Top left back to bottom right :

Ben Wilson (jarhead),  Rob Thompson(licky), Tom Driscoll(dulux), Toby Radford(rugger),Luke Ivil(skywalker), Simon Stokes(stoker)

Brian Lawes(spencer), Paul Lyall(prost), Danny North(wizard) George Cromwell(gi), Danny Edgington (dantheman) oh and monty the dog mostly known as shutup or montezuma !

They are a handful but honestly (I wont tell them this) a very hard working bunch of guys and very good arborists.


Finally for today “what is it” 

I shall give any client who can e:mail in via our website and the request a quote page £50 off any quote I give them for tree works during august and september if they can tell me what tree this is ?

photo 3

photo 5



Firewood Log Production Accelerates ! 

Sorting this

photo 3 copy


Into this !

photo 2 copy



Is the job of these two guys Brian and Shayne.

Seen here stacking split cord for winter 2015-2016.

photo 4 copy 2
















Well thats it for this week back to you soon and dont forget to guess on that tree !