The Rain is Gone ! (for now anyway)

With the worst of the wet weather behind us (we hope) we start in earnest with the spring-summer tree works schedule.

For this blog we have divided our sections into the main areas of our “world” at Landmark.


As private clients venture back into the gardens after the deluge and the milder winter we find a lot of works involve hedge cutting and tree thinning.  The vital sunshine we all crave for those seemingly seldom weeks is a need like no other !

Our mission seems to be to allow this precious commodity into each and every garden.  Gladly we don’t seem to create the desert like gardens where we clear all manner of verdant green growth but more that we open up “avenues” of light. It is a good compromise as the more volatile climate we now seem to live in creates rain in large volumes over short times and heat in similar trends,  both of which can be damaging to people and their gardens.


As the new financial budgets start to infiltrate the departments of many a council and commercial property we start to see projects and contracts starting to be offered out and this in turn leads to valuable work sources for us and often varied and interesting projects.  Such projects can involve waterways, cranes and works to mature trees offering us valuable experience and interesting work days.  Whilst the commercial clients tend to be more demanding over price and delivery they are a good blend of work and interest which keeps all of us happy and busy.


Logs and woodchip are moving along smoothly at this time of year with log processing being not quite so demanding as log stores start to develop nicely and we have the time to work on our “sculptures” area of work where we produce a range of chairs, blocks and objets d’art for a few discerning clients.

Woodchip sales are high at this time of year with many a garden taking a woodchip layer to reduce weed infestation and lock in moisture. We have just had an order from Legoland for 400 cubic metres of woodchip which is a large amount of mulch !

Thanks to our new employee Brian Lawes in our log yard we have now gained great control over the area ! with a new head comes new thoughts ! Quality and productivity being Brian’s strong points the winter log supply looks of great value to both client and landmark.


We thought we would bring a few employees to the blog this month and review them giving our readers a chance to put a face to a name.  We hope you enjoy !

This is Brian our log yard operator and part time arb groundworker.  Brian is from Slough and is 31 years old and has more qualifications for machinery operating than most of us have shirts !  With a wealth of experience in both agriculture and landscaping Brian brings experience and skill to our work place.  If you burn logs you can thank him a for considered size log and a density and burnability to be proud of.   His hobbies are walking his much loved dog and watching arsenal lose everytime (so he says !)

This is Ashley again quite new to Landmark having been working with us for 2-3 months now. Ashley is from maidenhead 24 years old and with 5 years arb experience behind him and most of that spent working self-employed he has a certain tenacity about him and good level head when it coming to making decisions and client liasing.  Hobbies include pigeon racing and countryside pursuits ( we think this means sitting in a cold wet hide with a pair of binoculars and a bird identification book) but he says it is more than that and it upholds the sporting countryside. I have seen his binoculars !

That’s all for now.