The Man With No Identity !

Ok so I forgot to let you know about “Ben”  I promised some weeks ago to carry on with the staff blogging at Landmark.  Ben has been dodging me for some weeks now and the others feared he had no identity so this morning I caught him on camera !

Ben Wilson has been with us for 8 months now and a trainee at Landmark but with a difference.  Ben came from a farming background and I don’t want to be prejudice about such matters but that makes him over qualified for most jobs.  Logical, hard working, intelligent, thoughtful and not scared of the weather are just some of the attributes farming teaches you. Funny that I should have spent 5 years in it also and learnt some of those skills !

Qualified to ground, climb and drive anything Ben is an important member of the teams and whilst normally working with Toby Radford in the Oak Team, Ben has been spending some time with Luke Ivil in the Beech team and learning some different things about bigger trees and larger scale lowering. Also, apparently Luke shouts less……..

Coming from Reading but seeming to spend most of his time in the Surrey area (the ladies clearly prefer them taller there !) Ben is a former BMX champion and a keen country sports enthusiast.   He lost his John Deere hat last week and wept for a few days. We shall have to convert him to the Stihl hat !

Bye for Now !