Summer Time its Ripping !!

Yes that time of year for summer branch drop ! 

Over the last few weeks/month we have dealt with more branch drop scenarios than in most years. Some of them may be decay related but by far the most busiest year for us.




Decay was clearly a factor here but the principle is the same county over. The displacement of water within the crown following hot weather causes an imbalance in the crown.

Decay patterns can be quite unbelievable when you consider the path of this decay started many many years ago!


The results for this tree are fairly devastating as the tree has to be felled; the remaining crown is balanced upon a stem with only half its trunk width left and a large commercial farm unit underneath it.

Training starts low! 

Ok, so for Ben Wilson even though he will be required to use a large saw at height, on spikes and dismantle safely, it does not matter if he does this at 6ft from ground level or at 60ft!


Anyone for the Med!

At a recent tree planting job we had to plant a 20-year old olive tree. Whilst this may not seem out of the ordinary in Italy, Greece or Spain and many other Med locations, this isn’t a common feature in Richmond! Having been imported some months before and acclimatised, the tree was delivered by artic lorry and craned off by Landmark into its carefully prepared hole and a watering system installed and guy-system in place.



I wonder if they will press their own oil in October?!

Bye for now…….