Storms, Trees, Tree Surgeons the Surprising Climate !

If you are a Tree Surgeon you love the job for a number of reasons ……..
1).The Work…………..2).The Machinery…………..3).The Reward to the Environment…………….4).The work in the summer months !

This year has let us down badly for sun and pleasant working conditions but we battle on. We carry on with further adventurous tree works which took a more serious turn as we seemed to become involved in a number of complex and more risky tree jobs.  The felling of 100ft lombardii poplar in a garden in Hampstead with no more than an area the size of your average dinner table to place it all into prior removing it from site ! No access for cranes or mewps and a road to park our lorries on with the busiest traffic London can bring.   We were involved in the felling of twenty seven 150ft tall black poplars on a site in Finchampstead some clear fells and some crane aided fells with hundreds of tons of material to be removed or processed.  We were contracted to undertake works to 127 trees in the bucks area within 14 days of receiving the contract and much of the works were the felling of dead trees in housing association land. Thankfully we made it through all of them without any massive dramas although all of now think more fondly of a simple lime tree thin or a nice long conifer hedge trim !

Storms ?………… Surely not !

In June and July ……… surely not. But the climate chose to hound us with continued wet weather and strong gusting winds which lead to many a trees downfall.  Below are just a few of the photos of trees with “gravity issues”

Never seen a shed like this before !

Log production continues steadily :

Firewood production continues steadily with a good store of dry and seasoned firewood being put together for the coming winter and indeed we have sold a record number of bags of logs during June and July. 20 tons at least has been sold during these wetter summer months.

Planting and Woodland Support :

Two years ago we undertook to plant a new woodland at Legoland Windsor with some 16000 trees being planted in a new area for a replacement woodland. We had to return this summer to re-mulch the areas of newly planted trees to ensure continued good development. This is just as bigger task as it was before in that importing 500-600 cubic metres of woodchip mulch and spreading on a mound some 4m tall, 30m wide and 700m long is challenging. We produced a newer method for spreading as you can see below with larger tracked vehicles and improved logistics to make our life a little easier.  The establishment rate was good and now the trees are enjoying further good growing conditions and “they” if not us have benefited from the high rainfall and lower temperatures.

Two year planted Birch, Oak and Beech with some Quickthorn as early cover.

Hard at it !

Well thats it for this time. As I look out of the window of the office and I see rain falling again and an average daytime temperature 14c I think of holidays and crickets chirping in the evening !

Bye for Now