Spring is here and so is the Workload !

Well here we are in spring and the trees are breaking leaf and the weather is much improved.  Finally we can take off those neck warmers and endless layers to get on with work with a real buzz in our stride.

The work load is as ever busy as new leaves produce a block to the sun and private clients venturing out into the gardens for the last three weeks are realising last years rain produced an abundance of vegetation !

A number of things have kept us busy over the last few weeks and here are just a few of them :

New Machinery 

In an effort to continue to carry more wood efficiently and safely we have invested in another unimog and timber trailer.  A u1600 bought from south wales came to us a few weeks ago and here it is on the trailer being delivered.

The high speed trailer with air brakes and an fmv 460 crane is a step up in quality and road safety for us and the unimog used mainly for railway works and some tree works has been taken away for modifying at our surrey workshops. Having only a smaller chip bin orignally, extensive works to cut nearly 2.5tons ! of steel of it and fabricate a larger but lighter chip bin have been completed.  The new back and re-furbished mog below is just about to be painted.

With some new tyres, a new hitch and a service the mog is nearly ready to go to back to windsor for works with the tree teams. You can see from the picture below the machine is equipped with a boughton 6 ton winch for those tricky extractions !


Logs and Logging   

With the formal delivery season out of the way we can get really stuck into the processing the seasoned wood for this winter.  Under the control of Brian in the yard we are seeing a definite increase efficiency and quality as regards the firewood and look to “wow” our customers this year and in the future.

Woodchips and Mulch

With the collapse of slough heat and power for biomass we have had to work very very hard to source alternative places for our biomass and woodchip products. Normally taking up to 40 tons a week the loss of slough was a real blow to Landmark and to many a contractor.  The environmental impact is huge with the loss of such a recycling entity as slough and we have been busy sourcing new markets for our products and re-grading our woodchip for “state of the art” biomass boilers and landscape uses alike. We hope to explore more markets with our products and have definitely adopted a “one door opens as one closes” attitude.

Well thats is for now and I will blog again soon on Training and Employment opportunities within Landmark


Mark .