Snow-Joke Trees can be Fun !

Ok so the snow comes and the work just gets funnier.  Here is a a couple of funnier items that made us laugh at Landmark. 

This just goes to prove root decay is a serious issue ……. there is no photo fixing here

Rotten tree root - Berskshire

This is Tom (not the tallest of guys) but still just short of 5ft 10.

Just goes to show you how much a tree doesn’t need to still stand up !

Now if you have ever thought climbers get used to climbing and its all easy-peasy after a few years try to look at it from their perspective …………….

Now whilst you cant see the floor from where you are trust me it is a small area to get alot of tree into.  Yes it can be inspiring ! yes it can be different from a normal day job ! but man is it cold on a day like today.

Lastly a nice shot of some trees in the winter.  Limes in Windsor next to one of the oldest churches in the area.

Thats it for now, I have to work on this months newsletter and work out how I am going to get enough logs split to keep up with demand over the firewood season !