Recycling and Product Use !

Well the big chipper arrived and recycling on a grand scale begins !

Processing up to 15 tons an hour the Heizohack chipper continues to feed cord wood from the log yard and feed out endless tons of Biomass quality and Landscape quality woodchip.   Having worked for 8 hours in our yard we processed up to 80 tons of woodchip and this cleared a large hole in our logging area and produced another quality product for recycling. Some went to Slough Heat and Power that day and the following days and some went to Legoland’s new hotel site at Windsor.

Some is dropped direct onto the borders and some onto the landscaped borders for later spreading.

Works for tree surgery continue with the teams kept busy with all manner of tree management issues and we have undertaken planting over 3000 trees in the last three weeks on various pathways, woodlands and domestic gardens alike.

We are currently experimenting in the alternative use of some of our woodstock in supplying raw materials to the woodcarving market and even producing some interesting pieces of sculpture and objets d’art ourselves.More on that next time