No Time for Anything !

Hot news off the Press !

Landmark Tree surgery has launched its monthly Newsletter !

Having been working on it for some months now, the new professional newsletter from Landmark is out.  Log onto our web-site to subscribe to it and read about all sorts of useful items for your diary, tree information and special offers from Landmark.  This has taken a considerable amount of time to set up and its seems as if the tree works and alternative tree products have run themselves.

The tree teams have been hard at it battling the downpours to try to stay on target for our weekly client lists and the logging and woodchip production has been loading and producing in all weathers.  Whilst we all know we need the rain it seems mother nature has decided to give us back the deficit in one or two weeks !

Our new logging tractor has been hard at it processing logs and kindling.

Welcoming a new team member to Landmark

Lotti is a rescue jack russell x terrier who has come to us by default. Having been destined for a new home with a family member of mine (who has been ill recently) she has fallen into the landmark routine and now seems destined to stick with us.  If you see her on site please dont throw a ball ! you will be there forever !!! Here she is with Zak one of our two border collies.


All the best for now !