New Year………. New You ?

Happy New Year to All !

Sorry it has been a while since my last blog, December was a whistle stop month of Tree Works, Logs and Rain !  So much emphasis is placed on getting items completed before christmas that it make life very difficult.  Then we are faced with a changing year and the emphasis on new year…… new you !  mmmm no not really. We all have good intentions but the reality is that it is invariably too hard to change a process in such a short time and this is only work !

So how are going to change at Landmark ?  Well we are going to learn from our mistakes and improve the service and try to be a better company. This isn’t a desperate need, but one that we should embrace as part of natural growth.

Items for consideration are streamlining the logging operation and improving performance and storage.   Improved training and updating for the staff doing tree surgery and re-investment to machinery within the tree surgery area.  Now these all seem like standard ways of improving our service but its the consistent targeting of these items to improve customer service thats important. I wont “sales speak” all of you too much but understanding we are a service industry first and a hybrid service/product industry second is important.

We start the year with lots of tree works on large sites with commercial works being our focus as the private sector of works slowed rapidly as we entered December. Logs and Woodchip form the focus of our secondary works as ever as meeting current demand and forward storage of timber for next year being primary works.

A new plan for this spring will be Landmark Landscapes !  Whilst this wing of our operations has been running in the background for some time now (8 months at least) we are going to formally launch and promote the service for smaller landscape jobs, fencing, planting, turfing and the like for our existing customers expanding our service to include so many of the requests we get weekly.  Run by myself and staffed by guys from the tree teams that have skills in these areas the landscape area will receive more independent help from trained staff and advertising and promotion to boot !

I hope to update you soon as to further developments within the company and to continue the “re-freshed” feeling.

Lets face it, I am only happy because its not raining everyday !