New Year New Storm !


New Year and new challenges for the team at Landmark!

Only one week into the New Year and we have already faced many exciting and demanding situations… let the year begin!

On the first day back after the Christmas break we were greeted by the new pride of our fleet… the Unimog! Although tackling the left-hand drive has given us some ‘interesting’ moments, this vehicle will be a huge benefit to us for the busy year ahead.  This has already been evident with some high winds and storms, unexpected at this time of year.  We have tackled these with ease with the Unimog and its larger load capacity.

More power to our arm !

Winter is always a difficult time but our skill and dedication has already been tested with the large influx of call-outs towards the end of the week to wind-blown trees.  Our upbeat, dedicated teams have stepped up to the challenge with call-outs during the working day and out-of-hour emergencies for both private clients and council trees.  This really is a testament to our skills as tree surgeons – the ability to tackle all jobs, big or small, in a safe and professional manner.

Touch wood (no pun intended!) the worst of the weather has passed and we can return to normal and further the progression and development of the future stars of Landmark.

Bring on 2012….. (L.Ivil)

Some of the recent winds caused much damage with Landmark being called on by many councils and highway authorities. We cleared 22 roads and pathways in 48 hours and some of the damage is noted below.  Some might think this is a good time for tree surgeons and we all rub our hands together but the truth is most of us mourn the loss of trees in this manner and our work diaries take on a life of their own giving all of us little sleep.

Untimley Loss

We work on and try to look forward to more steady and less risky work loads.