New member in the office at Landmark

Hi there! I just wanted to introduce myself as some of you are so used to Liz being the pillar and the posts of the office here at Landmark that it may seem as quite a shock when you hear a different person calling or emailing you. My name is Jelena and I have now been working with Liz in the office for the last 6 weeks. Looking for a little extra work as my 3 children are now older with the youngest due to start College in September I felt it was time to do some real work.
Feeling a little nervous my first day seemed to go well but I had not yet met Mark and was told that I would probably meet him the following week. However, arriving at the office on my second day I did wonder if I was at a rock concert or at work!!! With the music blaring I knocked on the door but obviously got no response so walked in to meet the owner of Landmark, the boss Mark!!! Luckily he was not performing or trying to imitate his rock heroes on an air guitar but our meeting was somewhat very relaxed…..a lot easier than meeting Alan Sugar I suppose!!!! So here I am learning all about trees and everything else that Landmark does and am really enjoying it.