Moving Landmark ! What a job …………..

For those of you that don’t know this and it might be a few,  Landmark is moving its a yard. After 28 years in dorney we are moving to a new purpose built yard.

I shall bring you some more information in the coming weeks but rest assured we wont break the flow of works to you the customer and reader and shall bring you a better a more comprehensive service as the new yard allows us to explore more into the biomass markets and the green waste composting markets producing valuable resources for you. Our yard will afford us the ability to hold more machinery and be located to serve more areas and increased working hours.

Photos will come soon and keep your eye on our newsletter which you can subscribe to on our web site for offers of all kinds as we venture into new areas and consolidate our tree operations with functional and modern facilities.

Lets just say this photo represents whats in the back of my mind………