Landmark Tree Surgery Improvements and Updates

Well the last few months have been about updating our machinery and our outlook on tree work and dealing with a shifting pattern of work.

May the Forst be with you !

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As part of our updating chippers we have turned to Forst supplied by redwood which is a natural replacement for the Jensen as there are many features that are improved and the service (which is perhaps as important as the machine) is still very good.  We have another Forst machine being delivered this coming week and it will bring a smile to the faces of the guys as they all love new shiny tools !

One for the Boss 

Its rare that I treat myself to a selfish act of indulgence but I just could not resist it.


















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This 14 ton capacity trailer boosts our ability to carry all manner of materials and with air braking over hydraulic increase our safety on the road also. No more shunting from site to yard and back this big boy doubles my carrying capacity.

More memorable moments of the last few months !

Brian tries his hand at being a chimney sweep !

Felling roadside conifers has its pitfalls when the pollution on the trees rubs off !





























The need to pull out a fallen tree in the thames calls for an usual way of attaching the drag line !
















Racoon and Smirf braves the deep !

So onto the work items 

Well it seems that even though the temperatures and lack of rain have proved summer has been here logs are forming a heavy focus for us !  orders for logs are unprecedented at the moment which is quite strange.  It seems people are being very organised and taking advantage of our summer prices which are generally 10% lower than the winter ones (depending upon load size).

OPM traps is a new operation for us as we have been installing 100’s of pheromone traps at larger estates (Legoland,  Nestle and other estates) in order to identify as an early warning the presence of the oak processionally moth.  This little beastie whilst a natural occurrence is having a profound affect on the countries trees as is seen as one of the biggest threats this year to tree health.  Whilst we installed a few traps last year the presence of the moth around the thames valley at multiple sites has raised the need to identify a potential population and eradicate it before it takes hold.

General tree surgery has been very buoyant over the last month or two with 12 guys being kept very busy dealing with the standard small back garden items of hedges and trees to jobs taking us a week at a time to clear larger gardens and estates or prune lines of 25 street trees.  Although August looks very busy even now I am welcoming a slight downshift in the output as we need to get our heads ready for the inevitable autumn rush and force ourselves to service, repair, adjust and look over our entire operation to ensure it is efficient and safe.

Till next time,  enjoy the sun !

Mk (trailer owner he he)