Is Spring Upon Us ?

Well the snows came and went ! and the ice came and went ! (we hope). We kept going through all of it and even the usual crop of snowy Cedar limbs on the ground and hung up in the trees didn’t halt work.  With temperatures reaching -15 in the bottom barns of the yard and the usual heat torch opening the locks every morning we managed to keep pace with the work. As the mornings got colder, the hats and gloves seemed to get bigger and thicker ! as it got really cold the opening comments of each day from the guys moved from “blimey thats cold” to more serious remarks which could not be published here

The somewhat “balmy” conditions of +10c are a joy to work in. Log sales took a sharp increase for a few weeks and this was most welcome as a particularly mild winter had placed the log production this year in jeopardy of not being very economic at all.  We are busy drawing together our 2010 wood and placing some of our 2011 wood into a pile for chipping !  Such is the glut of wood we have we have had to resort to chipping it all for biomass as we cannot move for it in the log yard.  We expect a contract chipping unit into us for the end of the month and I shall be taking photos of that for the blog as a mighty chipper breaks down 30 inch wide chunks of timber to woodchip !

Tree works are busy and we have a few good size planting projects to tackle in the next few weeks and we have been busy preparing Legoland Windsor for its opening season with health and safety works being high priority. We have the new hotel site to help manage with its tree population and some new planting of trees in there too.

A new Tractor is set to grace us for our log yard operations and I shall include this on the next blog.

Next week sees our biggest ever training week as 4 different members of staff complete management training, first aid training and Chainsaw training.