Can I back Blog ? I am pretty sure I can !

So it has been some time since I sent out a blog I know !   Its crazy when time passes by so fast and we miss out on doing the simplest of things.

However, I am here to make up for lost time and give you a whirlwind tour of Landmark’s life over the last 3-4 months.  I wont cover everything and Iam sorry if I miss out an important bit or two but here goes…………….

Three major factors have dominated the world of landmark recently and these are 1). Dealing with a massive work load,  2).Re mechanising Landmark with new kit 3). preparing for our big move.

Now you might wonder why I put them in that order well it is because since the early days Landmark’s focus has been on the customer and the work load. You guys out there come first !  From the very smallest of hedges to the very biggest of woods we have covered them all in the last 4 months. Even the bizarre as this shows when we were required to come in an clear tip endings from a  tree to remove a lego giraffe head ! for repair.














Machinery ! don’t talk to me about machinery……………

Anybody who knows me knows I love machinery but I am a little fed up with it now.


Two new Forst chippers, two new vans, one new Mog and a new site Vehicle (land rover)

A few photos below and yes before you ask I like purple less now as I spray all of the vehicles myself
















Arrival !


































Landrover to match for the Beech Team


















The move to a new yard I will cover in a new blog.

See you soon .