Autumn Comes Like A Whirlwind !

Well it has been a month or two since my last blog and I feel surprisingly embarrassed by this fact but also somewhat vindicated by the fact that we have been so busy since August I have not had a chance to do one.

The work level this autumn has been similar to those of three or fours years ago where the enquiry levels and quotes nearly outstrip the resources of the company.  I enjoy being busy and anybody who knows me will tell you that is the truth, however nearly doubling the number of quotes completed every week for the last month is very telling ! We are running 11 guys now and putting out 4 teams a day ! we have been doing this since early August.

Having been in this business for some 25 years now, I have a real hatred of cutting corners and providing “a lesser service” just because we are extra busy.  I know that this season will change and we will need to work hard to keep ourselves busy in late December and it is our clients that we have provided an excellent reliable service for that will be there for us then.

So what of the seasons then ?  It is time for fungus and soil related infections to take pride of place in my most sought out daily routines when quoting. The wonderful array of parasites proved so much data to tree management and correct tree safety evaluation. Here is an excellent example from the beaconsfield area :

Perfect localised infection having broad impact on trunk strength.

In mostly light wind with a fullish crown this tree narrowly missed cars.

Lets hope we dont have too many of these this winter as it was only really a small tree.

New guys and gals !

Continuing the introduction of employees at Landmark here is Tom Driscoll

Tom has joined us fresh form Merrist Wood where he completed the 9 week course.  Having had a years experience in Groundwork and Landscaping before his course he is no “greenhorn” to this work but his newly acquired climbing skills means he has new scope to add to his repetoir.  He has been working for us now for three months and is doing very well and becoming a much needed member of the beech team and his really positive and cheery attitude is very welcome in the mornings.  Even if most of his talk is about his “rare car” !

Toby and Sarah pictured below are the newly wed combo as Toby is our yard Manager and has been a central figure in Landmark for some 4-5 years now and his new wife Sarah has recently joined us now and again for some part time work (and to keep an eye on the other half we think !)

The banter is very amusing for the rest of us and when it comes to moving woodchip whilst planting I think a few more shovels were thrown by Sarah than Toby !

Seasonal Jobs :

Guess what ! Logs are the big thing for the last few weeks. I think we have delivered approximately 60 bags a week for the last three weeks and it looks set to continue. Long may it continue as far as we are concerned. Its good to see a proper end to the cycle of waste (or should that be renewable) material from our operations.

Tree works as I have said are very very busy and long may this continue and carry us into the new year.

So I shall try to be a little more consistent in the blog over the next few weeks and I look forward to bringing you up to date soon. Just waiting for that first frost !  then we shall say hello to winter and goodbye to those partially leaved trees………. get the gloves ready.

Mark Knight.