All Set for 2012

Happy New Year to All !  As we ready ourselves for 2012 we take rime to reflect on the previous years efforts and the problems we may face in the coming months.  Its no lie we were treated quite well with the weather.  Few operations were affected by weather and whilst the rain was difficult at times it was a far easier winter period for us than the last few years.  I dont want to tempt fate but thinking back to the snow is chilling in more ways than the obvious !

We start this year a new foreman in the presence of Mr.Ben Rockell who I hope will bring lots of new motivation and skill to the teams.  Ben started in mid december and certainly offered his skill for the few weeks before we stopped for christmas.  His partner had a baby boy on christmas day so whilst he will not be back to work today as we re-start he will be in a few days. All the best to him and his new family.

The new Unimog arrived a week before christmas and we hope to implement this in the next few days to good effect. Here are some photos of its arrival and whilst not sign written yet it looks very smart and clean ! for now……  It is a rarity in the unimog world and in the uk in that it is a U1300L which has been converted to a tipper !  With a full length tipping back on it and tow hitch it is very much a custom build. Thanks to Frank Atkinson for his hard work with this vehicle.  The beech team have the pleasure of its use at Landmark and i know this is with some glee and apprehension.

                Unimog Delivery

And the finished article ready for work in the yard

                 Clean for now !

Logging will for a very big part of our works for the first week as we sold 70 cubic bags of logs in the last four days before christmas !  we have plenty of stock but splitting for delivery will be priority.

We enter 2012 with much tree works to do including a large amount of works at Legoland Windsor and I feel quite proud of our achievements in sourcing work at this difficult time of year. I know one would like to say its because we have been in existence for 25 years and we ought to have plenty of work but after the last few more difficult years i take nothign for granted now.  With a team of 11 working surgeons we are a large company with many mouths to feed and much to maintain.

All the best for 2012 and here is looking for our economy to fully come out of its dark times and return to somewhat easier and more stabilised times.

Best regards,

Mark Knight