A Day Most Tree Surgeons Have To Think About !

Poplars ! …………….. its a word most tree surgeons if they are honest makes them think twice before smiling.

The blog today is about a day last week when I as a tree surgeon of 25 years was required to draw on all my of my experience, knowledge, guts and the skills of my fellow foreman. Ordinarily a hung tree is just another problem but when one is faced with a large hung limb in a privately owned field over lots of expensive fencing, a public foothpath and the remaining tree is significantly compromised and this is over 5 gardens this poses a few more issues. Now put into the “mix” that its a mature poplar and you have a recipe for consideration.

Now whilst not a particularly imposing problem at the outset the, 100 ft poplar over the top of this limb leaning heavily into private gardens adds a certain “flavour” to the job. I took the decision to take my most experienced staff, Rob Thompson, Luke Ivil, Toby Radford and Andy Fisher. These guys, more use to working in their own teams, were together with me to make a safe work plan using all of our minds. We decided to pull off the hung limb from the tree, after some careful snedding and hope the rest of the tree held up ok.  We did this with two unimogs and some heavy duty ropework. Access to the tree was offered by mewp but at this time we all decided it was not necessary.

After some careful pulling and heavy clutch work !

The other smaller limbs in the tree left ripped and torn were pulled out on a mog. The two foreman climbers Luke and Rob decided to go up the tree after a thorough inspection of the trunk and decayed area, to manually strip out the crown without lowering and ropework so as not to “load” the tree any further. Once we had all of the back limbs off the tree we decided on a “pulled fell” into the field again and Rob Thompson got himself set and secure and the two unimogs were set up for a controlled pull.

Here is the strip out with Luke and Rob in the air.

Rob set for the unimog pull and the carefully placed cuts.

Five minutes later and with some years knocked off most of us due to stress and held breathe it was down !

All in all we had a great day and whilst the next day was spent clearing up and putting fences back that we were able to remove prior to felling it was resounding success. The day could have been fraught with so many problems but can I take the time to thank, Toby, Andy, Luke and Rob for their advice, guts and smiles that made the day more bearable for me. On three days notice and having had more limbs fall off the tree before we even got to it from my initial site meeting I was suitably concerned for everyone’s safety and to do a professional job for my client, who by the way was probably the most considerate and helpful client I have ever had to work for. His understanding on a potential spiralling cost for addition machinery was amazing and whilst we kept the cost down to a minimum he was unquestioning in our demands.

Thanks To All